July 21, 2020
While Baryn Futa is one of the best and most prolific arts benefactors anywhere, the fact of the matter is, he is actually quite late to the game. It actually wasn't until his retirement and his decision to work with the Denver Art Museum that something began to stir in Baryn Futa. He began to appreciate the importance of the arts, but no one was more surprised than he by the deep attraction he felt to the art world. Despite his surprise, he decided to cultivate his new-found love of art by attending art fairs and museum exhibitions and anything else he could find.

Baryn Futa also attended numerous arts classes and he even established his own art collection; one that has grown to be very extensive and impressive. Now, Baryn operates from the viewpoint that collectors and art museums are extremely important. Few would argue with the notion that art appreciation is a key element of every human society. Baryn Futa believes that artists are important to ever society and they should always receive sufficient support. Unfortunately, art is too often taken for granted and not appreciated as a priority, as a regular practice.